Specialty Pallets & Crates

Specialty Pallets & Crates

Plastic Pallets

In addition to recyclable wooden pallets, Starnes Pallet also offers an assortment of recycled plastic pallets. Please contact for size availability.

Heat Treatment and Painting

Don't forget to contact us for your Heat Treating and Pallet Painting needs.  Whether using a kiln dried lumber or heat treatment to diminish moisture content and internal pests, we guarantee a quality inspected product for your long distance shipping. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta or aquamarine! Whatever your color, custom pallet painting is available for small to large loads, standard to odd sizes.  Be sure to inquire about pallet painting to ship your products in style.

Custom Crates

 If a pallet will not meet your shipping necessities, Starnes Pallet suggests custom wooden crating or packaging crates.  Allow us to design a crate tailored to fit your specific shipping requirements.  Quotes may be requested by phone or internet.