Do you offer Heat Treatment for pallets?

We do offer heat treatment services. Prices vary upon the size and load. Standard size heat treated pallets are kept in inventory.

What type of pallets do you buy?

We do not buy ANY wing pallets. All 2 or 4-way pallets must have boards flush to the end of the stringer. We also accept block pallets.

“I have pallets, will you remove them”?

We do offer pallet removal service with a service fee depending on your load and location. We also offer removal services for other material waste. Please refer to our Pallet Services page for more information and our quote sheet for pricing.

How do I measure a pallet?

A pallet is measured with two numbers in inches. The first number is a measure of the stringer or runner and the second number is a measure of the board. The boards of a pallet lay flat across the top and bottom while the stringers run in between them as the support; depending on the stringer a pallet can be 2-way or 4-way.

When and where do I bring my pallets to sell?

Receiving hours at our Jeff Adams location are between 7AM and 5 PM. Receiving hours at 28th Street are between 8AM and 3PM. Please refer to our Sales and Receiving page for information on which location to take your pallets.

How much do you pay per pallet?

Our prices vary dependent upon the market.  However, price per pallet is based on size and quality.  Please refer to our news feed to check what sizes we are currently taking.