Sales & Receiving

Sales & Receiving

As a major recycler of Pallets and Wood Waste, Starnes Pallet purchases pallets dependent upon the size and quality. Please check our News Feed for the most updated list of what we are currently purchasing.  If you have questions regarding pallet purchase or large quantity pallet removal, please contact us via internet or phone for specific quotes and/or removal costs.


Please feel free to stop by our Main Facility at Jeff Adams or contact our Sales Manager, Brad Watts, to learn more about our pallet sales.  We will be happy to work with you to develop or choose the perfect pallet to suit your business' needs.  Pallets can be designed and built to your satisfaction.

Receiving Locations

In order to create a more efficient work flow, better serve our customers and maintain a full inventory, Starnes Pallet receives pallets at two different locations.  Our facility located at 4000 Jeff Adams Drive is designated for receiving primarily tractor trailers and various straight or box trucks. Payment is received upon unloading at this location.  Located at the corner of 28th and Graham Street, our second facility receives all other vehicles.  Once unloaded, an official count will be provided to our office staff at Jeff Adams.  It is then necessary to travel to this location in order to receive payment. Please continue to check our website or with our Office Staff at the Jeff Adams Facility to attain the most current receiving list.